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Čista Velika, ispred crkve Sv. Ane

The Klapa meeting event in Čista Velika is held for the fourth time, allowing Dalmatian songs to enrich the cultural summer of the hinterland.

Organizer: The Motus Association and the Local Council of Čista Velika

Obala V. Nazora, 21:00 h

Vodice is getting ready for the longest night and the biggest party of this summer!  Don't miss the traditional midnight fireworks, and enjoy a good party until morning hours!



  • Jole
  • Koktelsi 
  • Jimmy Shakers
  • Diogen (Daleka Obala) 
  • Spectrum
  • Vodice Wind Orchestra
Trg Kneza Branimira, 21:30h

Natali Dizdar is a Croatian pop singer, famous for her hits "Ne daj" and "Gazio si me". In 2004, she released her first official single, "Ne daj", which immediately succeeded in winning almost all top music charts, both mainstream and alternative, and was awarded the Zlatna koogla for the song of the year, with the HR Top 20 award for the best song of the year as well as three nominations and a Porin award for the best debutante. "Ne daj" is considered the most successful single in 2004.

After another very successful single, in May 2005 she released a long-awaited album "Natali Dizdar", which soon reached the silver release. At the end of 2005, the album was listed one of ten best domestic albums of the year by the choice of Jutarnji list and received eight nominations for Porin 2006.

Four years after the success of the album "Natali Dizdar", she released a new album called "Pronađi put", which announced the single "Stranac", featuring the famous track "Stop" and "Mjesecu je dosadno", a result of the collaboration between Natali and the renowned Croatian musician Darko Rundek.

The audience had to wait three years for the next album, when in 2012 she released "ZKM Live", a live concert recorded live at the Zagreb Youth Theater. After the third album, she paused for a long time and did not release a new album, but only singles like "Illuzionist", for which the music video was directed and recorded by her brother, Filip Dizdar.

Trg Kneza Branimira, 21:30 h

Sara Renar is a musician from Zagreb, and her musical style can be described as an experimental indie pop combining subtle melodies with electronic and theatrical elements. She has won several regional awards for her music and live performances (Porin, Poezika, Kantfest, RockOff) and has so far recorded three studio albums.

Trg Srime, 21:30h


Trg Srime , 21:30


  • klapa Žirje - Žirje 
  • klapa Solaris - Šibenik 
  • klapa Konistra - Kostanja 
  • klapa Okrug - Okrug Donji 
  • klapa Stina - Šibenik 


  • Šime Vukman - Pirovac 
  • Dinko Ševin - Šibenik 
  • Ante Sikirić - Bibinje 

host : Nikola Urukalo 

Obala Vladimira Nazora, 21:00

1st CIJF will gather a number of distinguished performers, including the American bands The Soul Research Foundation and The Inevitables, and the Canadian Youth Singers of Calgary. The Soul Research Foundation and The Inevitables come from the United States and are the true representatives of the new wave of American bands that mix the influences of classic jazz, funk and swing with modern r'n'b and soul sound creating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere.
Youth Singers of Calgary is formed out of nearly 50 singers from Calgary, Canada. Since 1985, when they have been founded, they have gathered children and young people with special talents for singing, dancing and theater. Today they offer an innovative and authentic response to the classic American show choirs and represent an attraction wherever they come. 

Mozartine Choir and Culture Path Ltd.

Prvić Luka, ispod kampanela župne crkve , 21:00 h

Tedi Spalato is a singer of Dalmatian music from Split, composer, instrumentalist, music producer and winner of Porin. He is recognizable by soft Dalmatian chansons with intimate poetic texts. The critics describe his music as a compelling combination of classical Dalmatian songs, chansons, jazz and world music elements.

Organizer: MO Prvić Luka

Trg Srime, 20:30 h

This is a story meant for children, about Slon who knew nothing about good manners. Vragolasti Majmun and caring Žirafa get him acquainted with the basic concepts of good behavior: greetings, "the three magical words" (excuse me, thank you, please), table manners, how to behave in the shopping center with Gica, the cashier, at Meda's birthday, in Slon's apartment etc. This educational puppet musical with Mucalo's cheerful songs and numerous stage effects aims to teach children how to behave properly.

The duration of the puppet musical is 30 minutes.

Obala Vladimira Nazora, 21:30 h

The 17th Vodice Jazz & Blues Festival gathers the eminent Croatian and world musicians and it will be held from the 20th to the 22nd of July in Vodice. The first festival was held in 2003 and since then it has been known among the audience as a festival of top-level interpretations of renowned musicians in the unique amphitheater ambient at the Vodice waterfront. Stylewise, this festival extends from classic rhythms of swing and dixieland to more contemporary genres like fusion and free jazz. In the course of three nights, the festival attracts about 1,500 jazz music lovers, and the entrance is free. The organizer of the festival is the Vodice Tourist Board.

20.07.2019. - Elvis Stanić Group

21.07.2019. - Denise Jannah - Hammond Xperienz

22.07.2019. - ManGroove

Obala Vladimira Nazora, 16:30 h

In collaboration with Karika Vodice, Vodice Tourist Board presents Free Bike Tours! These original "Trip to the history of Vodice" tours will take you on a journey through our vineyards an olive groves, where you will learn more about our cultural heritage and origins. All free of charge! The groups are limited to 12 participants, so book your date on time to make sure you don't miss this!
All tours start in front of the Tourist Information Office in Vodice, Obala Vladimira Nazora bb,, at 4:30 pm.

Trg hrv. mučenika, Trg dr. F. Tuđmana, Obala V. Nazora, 21:00 h

Vodice Brass Orchestra returns this year to do a traditional tour around the city, stopping shortly on the main town squares.

Vodice Brass Orchestra was founded in 1926 and had its first concert in 1928. The orchestra has been active since then, with great support of the town. It has won numerous regional festivals and had good placements in national festivals. For its long-time work, the orchestra received plenty awards.


Obala Matice Hrvatske, 21:00 h

Women's klapa Oršulice from Vodice preserves and promotes musical heritage and klapa singing.

Obala Juričev Ive Cota

Organization: Lag More 249 and Town Vodice

Dva Bunara, Prvić Luka

Moustache and fender workshop in a traditional way.

Organiser: Udruga Otok

Trg kneza Branimira, 21:00h

11th annual "Karmelfest", the festival of spiritual Christian music.

 Organization: Vodice  Parish and Vodice Žudiji

Trg Srime, 20:30 h

The Educational Puppet Musical in which four seasonal representatives of the Snow, Zeko, Dupin and Jesenje stablo argue and try to prove to each other that their season is the most beautiful. They highlight the best characteristics of their season, skillfully concealing the worse ones. A number of cheerful songs, including those about winter, spring, summer and fall, new scenes and cute dolls and props, make this puppet musical extremely eye-catching, making it easy for children to acquire knowledge of the four seasons. The answer that every season is beautiful in its own way the children learn in the final song of the musical.

The duration of the puppet musical is 30 minutes.

Kulturni centar Vodice, 21:00h

On Thursday, July 11, at 9 pm in Vodice Cultural Center, EXIT Theater welcomes you with a new performance: "An Incredible Event" directed by Ivica Boban, cast: Filip Detelić, Anja Matković, Tara Rosandić, Erna Rudnički.

Ticket price: 40 kn / pensioners and students 20 kn

The cashier works in the evening from 8 to 11 July from 19 to 21 o'clock.

About the play:

In a virtuoso theater and action game, full of adventurus plots in the style of contemporary comedy dell 'arte, four young actors - Filip Detelić, Anja Matković, Tara Rosandić and Erna Rudnici will transform in front of the audience by the power of their talent and enviable skill in more than twenty characters who one day found themselves in the whirlwind of an incredibly turbulent event in their town. The Incredible Event, on the verge of reality and fiction, truth and imagination, challenges our exaggerated reality, increasingly difficult and for many an unbearable everyday life, struggling to survive and withdraw from unpaid bills, loans and minuses, disrupted relationships, solitude and all impossible, but painful real problems and unexpected situations of the transition neoliberal capitalist time we live in. All these problems are recorded in the lives of seven main and fifteen supporting characters that you will meet during the show and who will tell you your own funny and sad stories and expose themselves to you and what nobody can, do not have or would not tell - because the stage is , we believe, the place where we can and must finally reveal both the reality and our intimacy, laugh at the tears of others and their weaknesses, stupidity, and misfortune - where we can relieve, comfort, awaken, and experience moments of catharsis.

Trg Srime, 21:30 h

Do not miss another great concert by Mile Perkov and his Johnny Walkers, the audience's favourite.

Obala Vladimira Nazora od 18:00 sati

Taste grilled sardines, shellfish stew and homemade wine at the traditional Fishermen Evening in Vodice! 

Organizer: ŠRK Mali porat

Obala Juričev Ive Cota

Organization: Lag More 249 and Town Vodice

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