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Business event planning in Vodice - the perfect way to mix business with pleasure

Vodice is an exceptionally pleasant place to stay in the spring. The sun shines brighter, the weather is warmer and the sea beckons us to go swimming. Although the summer is just around the corner, the holidays are still nowhere in sight, which is why this time of the year is perfect for mixing business with pleasure. We are referring to various congresses, conferences, banquets, team-building programmes, receptions and other similar events that mostly take place in the spring and autumn – outside of the summer season.

Congress (photo: Pixabay)

  • Business events

Business events that gather experts in various fields and professions are held in state-of-the-art halls. People who attend business events usually travel for professional reasons and holidaying is not their primary purpose. Yet, exchanging know-how, networking with other experts and acquiring new information is definitely more successful and easier when you have a view of an open swimming pool and a pine forest.

Atena Hall at the Hotel Olympia (photo: Olympia)

  • Congress halls

For years, the Hotel Olympia in Vodice has been a popular congress venue due to its inspirational Mediterranean surroundings and air-conditioned halls equipped with cutting-edge AV equipment. The congress halls can be adapted to all purposes: business meetings, receptions, congresses or banquets, while the four-star service enables optimal working conditions.

 Olympia Hall with 506 seats (photo: Olympia)

The fun part of business events

After the business portion, you will have just enough free time for your own pleasure. The town of Vodice and its surrounding area, including the Hotel Olympia, offer a plethora of activities in which congress and other business event attendees gladly indulge.

  • Wellness programmes

After the work portion, the participants in these events like to unwind at the wellness centre and enjoy the unique spa atmosphere. They can choose their preferred option from the abundant spa offer of massages, treatments and baths, followed by some downtime in the sauna or hot tub.

 Wellness offer (photo: Pixabay)

The wellness centre also features an air-conditioned gym equipped with state-of-the-art training and recreation equipment.

  • Cycling trails

Business event attendees who prefer to relax in a more active manner are bound to enjoy one of the many well-developed cycling trails in the stunning surroundings of Vodice.


 Cycling trails (photo: Karika)

  • 2 nearby national parks

The location of Vodice is perfect for visiting 2 of the 8 national parks in Croatia. The national parks in question are Krka and Kornati, which captivate visitors with their beauty.

Krka National Park (photo: Pixabay)

  • Walks by the sea

Soothing walks and the sea air are the cherries on top of a successful business gathering, especially if the participants in the planned business event do not hail from coastal areas. The breath-taking Vodice archipelago, with islands only 10 minutes away, offers a well-deserved rest after all the hard work.

Blue Beach, Vodice (photo: Hoopla)

  •  Restaurants and the nightlife

Vodice provides its guests with an impressive culinary offering, as well as popular venues for exploring the nightlife. Our region is also famous for its wine cellars and wines, such as Postup, Babić and Pošip, with which you will be able to further delight your palates. Since business events can last for days at a time, this amenity is perfectly suited for your last night before returning home.

  • Mixing business with pleasure

All this provides ample evidence that Vodice is the perfect place for mixing business with pleasure. Although we are months away from the holidays, we are glad that experts from various fields choose our town as the perfect destination for upgrading their specific know-how.

We look forward to each new congress and all the experts visiting Vodice educating themselves and enjoying the abundant offer provided by the town and its surroundings.

 Olympia Sky (photo: Olympia)


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