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Active holiday on two wheels

Cycling has been increasing in popularity lately. For a growing number of people, the bicycle has become a go-to vehicle for going to work or school, as well for experiencing the mountains and enjoying the nature. Over time, cycling has become a lifestyle of sorts, enjoyed by its practitioners even when they are on vacation, which has led to the emergence of a new type of tourism - bicycle touring.

Bicycle touring

The popularity of bicycle touring is increasing with each year, the result of which is the development of cycling trails bringing the beauty of nature and the outdoors within arm's reach of cycling enthusiasts.

The cycling trail network in the area of Vodice

Vodice has recognised this, which is why a 350 km network of cycling roads and mountain bike trails marked with signage weaves through the surrounding area of our town. While cycling on the hinterland trails, which are located only 15 minutes from the centre of Vodice, cyclists have the opportunity not only to embark on a journey to the beautiful locations in Vodice's surrounding area, but also into the history of the town.

Organised free tours

In addition to exploring Vodice's surrounding area on your own, you can take organised free cycling tours. These are guided tours organised by the Vodice Tourist Board in which you are accompanied by a personal guide as you pedal lightly along macadam trails framed by centuries-old drywalls towards the Arausona and Velika Mrdakovica archaeological sites, quaint old churches in the middle of Vodice's cultivated fields and ancient wells, which are a heritage that dates back to the Roman era.

Trip to the History of Vodice organised cycling tour

MTB trails

Those who like their cycling with a side of adrenaline should definitely try the Eagle's Circuit MTB trail. A stunning view of the sea, town and the enchanting Vodice Archipelago extends from the top of the MTB trail, so it is no wonder it is considered one of the most attractive trails in Croatia.

Cycling by the sea

On the other hand, the promenade is the perfect place for those who like nothing more than to hop on their favourite bike and enjoy the scents of the sea and the murmur of the waves. You can begin your ride in Srima or Tribunj and let the trail lead you along a 12 km promenade, where you can delight in the captivating views of the Mediterranean.

Riding by the sea

Don't forget to make a small detour on your way and explore the cobbled allies in the centre of Vodice, as well as other gorgeous sights in the historic centre of our small town.

Cobbled alley in the centre of Vodice


There are endless opportunities for enjoyment on two wheels. You can also rent bicycles in Vodice, so all you have to do is set off and bask in the stunning scenery and beautiful weather in lovely Vodice. 

Cycling by the sea


Photo: A. Carli, M. Balaban, Karika Vodice

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