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IQM Vodice Top Quality - about project

IQM Destination Vodice - an integral quality management project in the destination area - lists the subjects, services and products provided and created by hosts for whom quality is crucial and the satisfaction of the guest is most important.

The project interconnects subjects that offer their customers the very best service and recommend the best quality activities - these are partners that guarantee quality. This increases the satisfaction of both guests and hosts in the destination.

To match the qualitative development of the destination, all partners in the IQM Destination Vodice project must meet the standards set for each individual group: hotels, restaurants, private accommodation, travel agencies, camps, shops, souvenirs, family farms, medical clinics and wellness centres.

Within the IQM project, we systematically and continuously conduct monitoring, follow the development of quality, advise on how to further improve the service, promote integration, and especially promote the local story, local products and culture of the destination. With this project, we put the quality and overall experience of the destination in first place.