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Top Quality Wine & Gastronomy

St. Ivan Olive Oil Center

St. Ivan Olive Oil Center is a family-owned and run business that produces olive oil under its own brand.Upon arrival at our olive mill, we will take a short tour of the machinery, so you can see how the whole process works – from olive fruit reception until those golden oil drops start to fill the pots. 

Dida Boža Gift Shop

A corner full of interesting content and traditional Dalmatian products found its place in the native house of Dida Boža.

Who was Dida Boža? Dida Boža brand was inspired by a real person born and raised in Vodice where he dedicated his whole life to fig, olive and vine cultivating. Enormus dedication and love that he had towards nature still lives today in his grandson’s heart through Dida Boža products. Today’s Dida Boža Gift Shop is proud to present a fine selection of organic spreads, tapenades, juices and chocolate products, some of which are not available in retail store, but are rather exclusive to the Gift Shop, such as Dida Boža Dalmatian Fig Cake and extra virgin olive oil.

Olive Oil Tasting

In its olive oil tasting house, the family farm Fržop originally presents traditional olive cultivation and olive oil production. Enjoy an expert presentation and tasting of organic olive oil, which you can also buy here. Thus, you will bring the taste, smells and colors of the Vodice olive groves to your home.

Olive oil

You can find quality olive oil made by award-winning oilmen from Vodice on their humble little family farms.


Vodice, Hrvatskih boraca 5

+385 91 949 1341

Vodice, Grge Ivasa 4
+385 95 536 1578


Vodice, Blata 57

+385 22 441 875

Vodice, Prve primorske čete 27
+385 91 550 0573



Vodice, Roca Pave 13

+385 444 470, +385 98 281 956


Vodice, Grgurev Ante Kukure 71

+385 22 444 132

OPG Bulat

A perfect product of nature, an elixir of life known since ancient times, honey is still synonymous with preserving health and vitality. If you want to enjoy the homemade honey of our beekeepers, the home of Mr. Ante Bulat is the right place to go. His products carry the certificate of Croatian apiaries.

Winery Birin

Winery Birin is the first winery in the area of ​​Vodice, owned by the local family Birin whose vineyards are located in nearby fields. For generations, viticulture and winemaking has been passed on from generation to generation and hard-working members of the Birin family have perfected their knowledge, techniques and technology. The winery today offers a blend of modern and traditional, and produces over 15,000 liters of wine annually. In the vineyards of the Birin winery there are only autochthonous varieties of the Šibenik region: Debit, Maraština, Plavina, Babić... and yet all the wines produced are modern and adapted to today's market.

As part of the winery there is also an authentic tasting house where visitors can taste and choose their favorites from Birin's rich wine range.

Winery Baraka

The Baraka Winery is a small family boutique winery located on the peninsula of Srima, right next to the basilica Prižba from the 6th century. In 2005, the vineyard of the Baraka family was established with the local and international varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Plavina and Babić, a total of about 11,500 grapevines on a 4 hectare estate. Beside the vineyard, there is a winery with tasting house and olive groves with lavender and other Mediterranean plants that create ideal conditions for the growth of the vines in the traditional Mediterranean ecosystem.