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IQM Pass

Do you want the best of what Vodice has to offer? Then the IQM Pass Visit Vodice is exactly what you need - the best offer that provides you with special discounts, gifts, presentations and tastings of the best content at the destination.

The IQM Pass Visit Vodice is a spin-off of the project IQM Destination Vodice - Destination Quality Management. You can use the benefits at accommodation facilities, attractions, catering establishments, local producers, gift shops, travel agencies, spas, health facilities, wineries and family farms. All of them will have their reputation rated, quality standards will be determined, group and individual training sessions will be held and quality development will be evaluated, as well as satisfaction and project efficiency. 

You can purchase the IQM Pass online and you will receive your Pass via e-mail or from our partners, who provide the discount and/or benefit.

This allows us to build trust and quality and also encourages us to create unique experiences and tailor-made Loyalty programmes. 

For more information about the offer, visit