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Faust Vrančić, born in 1551, was a great philosopher, historian, lexicographer, and most of all an inventor and a great visionary. His stay on the island of Prvić shaped his childhood and inspired him with curiosity and inventiveness. He later described his inventions, inspired by the way of life on the island, in his book Machinae novae.

Olive mills, grape presses and a sundial are just some of the machines that marked Faust's thinking on how to get the best of nature: olive oil, wine, weather ... The most famous inventions such as bridges, mills, presses, watches, parachutes and today, their functionality attracts attention and is the forerunner of modern machines. Inspired by his inventions, way of life and the time in which he lived, we invite you to get out of everyday life, to experience something new and different.


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