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Dida Boža Gift Shop

The story about grandpa Boža was inspired by a real person, the grandfather of the owner of Hermes International. Fig, the queen of jams, is the most famous product of Dida Boža's line of eco jams and spreads and the winner of the prestigious gold medal from Preserves Fancy Food Show (NY). Apart from fig, you can try cherry jam, green olive spread or fig biscuits - they will surely win you over. You can visit the gift shop from May to October or check out the web shop throughout the whole year.


Only domestic! This best describes the offer of the gift shop and souvenir shop Fjok, which gathers only the highest quality local products and producers in one place. Gift and souvenir programs, gastronomic delicacies, natural cosmetics, designer products, and unique jewelry make up the offer for all occasions and age groups.


Lulina is a well-known name for a cheerful workshop and shop of unique hand-made bags, jewelry, lamps, magnets and other items.

OPG Natura Škoj

The Šmit family farm and estate in Prvić Šepurina, also known as Natura Škoj, is a veritable treasure trove of indigenous plants used to make a number of cosmetic preparations. 

Roko Ivanda Artwork
Roko is a locar artist whose paintings are inspired by music and movement, set in the context of the Mediterranean scene. National, historical and contemporary archetypes ...
Crafts by Lipa

The Lipa workshop makes authentic and valuable handicrafts, which you will be hard pressed to find or buy anywhere else. Mrs. Liposava Kuštović has saved the art of making folk costumes and its elements from obscurity - she manually sews, embroiders and decorates national costumes, belts, hats, bags and tablecloths with ethnic elements etc. 

Vodička kućica

The family business founded in 2007 offers products that they make themselves. The products are authentic for Dalmatia and Vodice. Visit the store in the center of Vodice and choose the most beautiful memories and the ideal gift for your loved ones.