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Nature Park Lake Vransko

If you take the road from Vodice to Zadar, you will witness a natural phenomena where two equally beautiful, but yet so different, blue surfaces meet. Indented Adriatic coast known for its appealing beauty and clearness on one hand, and the biggest natural lake in Croatia on the other.


As one of the rare, almost intact natural habitats of water birds, with springs of drinking water, this specific, biologically diverse area of Vransko lake was declared a Nature park on July 27, 1999.


The park is situated between Pirovac and Pakoštane. It covers the area of 57 km2, most of it (30,2 km2) is the lake Vransko itself, which stretches in NW- SE direction, parallel with the Adriatic coastline, less than a kilometre from it. By its position and characteristics the lake is unique in Croatia, as well it is in Europe.


The Park particularity is Ornithology Reserve that, due to the protection of nesting birds, rare swamp system, great bio-diversity, and a huge scientific and ecological value. It has been listed as an important ornithological area in Europe (Important Bird Areas in Europe).


In winter there are more than 140.000 of water birds. It is grassy area, covered with sedge, reed and cane The basin of Vrana is an exceptional archaeological zone. The Roman Aqueduct impresses deeply with technical perfection of Roman constructors.
Bird lovers will get an unforgettable experience by watching the living, nesting and carrying for their young ones, of more than 100.000 water birds in this nature park.

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