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The Vrančić Mansion

The island of Prvić was mentioned in the 11th century, but was more intensively settled in the 15th century when the inhabitants from the land ran away before the Turks to the islands. There are two villages on the island – Prvić Luka and Šepurina, connected by a road.


The land was mostly owned by noble families from Šibenik that build country houses on the island, among which is the mansion of the famous Vrančić family.


The most celebrated representative of this family is Faust Vrančić. Born in Šibenik in 1551, he is the author of the numerous works among which are the most famous “Machinae novae” and “Dictionary of the five noblest languages of Europe” which includes Croatian too. 
In the book “Machinae novae” (1595) Vrančić gives a picture of 56 different devices, constructions and technical concepts on 49 engravings followed by descriptions. Among the projects the most distinguished are a bridge with an arch, a mill to the tides, especially, it is said, a parachute that he tested jumping off the towers and cliffs.

He died in 1617 in Venice and, according to his wish, his body were carried over to the parish church of Our Lady of Mercy in Prvić Luka.

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