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Srima - Prižba

Archaeological excavations on this site, under the leadership of Zlatko Gunjača, were carried out from 1969 to 1974, and there was a preservation afterwards. Two one-nave basilicas built in different times were found. Therefore we call them basilicae geminatae or “the twin churches” - double churches. The reason and a purpose of these buildings have not been explained to the end. One of the thesis is that the basilicae geminatae are a conjunction of the congregational churches that serve for the public worship mass and memorial ones intended for the cult of relics. There is a great number of such examples in the area of the Roman Dalmatia, and in the Mediterranean. They were erected in Episcopal centres and more often outside the town areas, such this one in Srima.


These double basilicas are the most completely explored in the area of Dalmatia as well. Although the opinions on the time of their construction have not been fully conciliated, it is said that both churches date back from the 6th century. A style analysis of the stone furniture confirmed it, whereas some adaptations of the inventory was done in the 7th century. A northern church is older, and a southern one was joined later.

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