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Walking tour "A Step to the Hill of Our Lady's Miracles"

30. 05. 2023.
Brdo Okit, 17:00 h

Join this complimentary (free of charge), peaceful guided walking tour where you will experience the spirit of Vodice history and learn the secrets of its longevity. You'll be watching a magnicifent panoramic view while listenint to a story about the miracles of Lady's Hill, and tasting some of the local delicacies. This tour is a feast for your eyes, your ears and your taste buds. Plus you can take home a beautiful souvenir.

Start: You come to the foot of the Okit hill by your own means of transport (3 km from the center of Vodice), you can even walk there from the city center. The walking tour starts from the foot of the Okit Hill, at the top of which is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Carmel. Walking to the top and back downhill is a total distance of 1600 m.
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes. The pace of the tour is suitable for all ages.

Organizer: Fjok
+385 (0)91 786 5414
+385 (0)95 535 7120

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