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Đardin je IN - Theatre group Histrion

21. 07. 2023.
Trg kneza Branimira, 21:00 h

Clumsy lovers, wine twists, peculiar characters create a comical and cheerful atmosphere while telling great stories about small people. Laughter, which we get as a result of the theatrical skill and noble inclination of the actors, stands in contrast to the demanding dramatic and difficult times in which we live. The histrionic repertoire is enriched with another cheerful histrionic play that will provide the loyal audience with the pleasure of comedy, laughter and meeting characters so similar and close to themselves. With the obvious happy ending, we go home happy and smiling, invigorated by the theater.

Author: Milan Grgić
Director: Zoran Mužić
Starring: Ana-Marija Percaić, Hrvoje Klobučar, Ivica Pucar and Borna Galinović

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