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Đardin je IN - Musical comedy "Frizeraj"

29. 07. 2019.
Trg Kneza Branimira, 21:00 h

"Frizeraj" is a story about youth and great dreams. "Frizeraj" is a story about giving up these same dreams and accepting what the life brings. And then unexpectedly, the story of a hairdresser becomes a story about turning again to his dreams and living a life to the fullest!
Once a popular hairdresser, Renato is now faced with the bankruptcy of his salon through which various characters pass through: his ex wife Vesna who can not forgive him for their romantic and financial colapse, a faithful practitioner Ratko - a very inadequate employee of a sophisticated salon, skilled manipulator Monika - a supporting hairdresser whose skill of avoiding work is practiced to perfection, and the unavoidable local desperado Gvozden, recently being the only customer of this deteriorated salon. The appearance of Kristina, Renato's girlfriend from long time ago, will turn the story in a completely new direction.

The comedy includes ten original written songs. Performers act, play, sing (100% live).

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