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Đardin je IN - Arsenov feral

07. 08. 2023.
Trg Kneza Branimira, 21:00 h

"Arsen's feral" is a project dedicated to Arsen Dedić, created by the idea of ​​Jakov Bilić, director of the Croatian National Theater in Šibenik. Poetry, music and theater were the artistic coordinates of undoubtedly the most significant Croatian singer-songwriter, one of the best poets of our language and a composer whose compositions outlived the stage-performance works for which they were written. It was, therefore, nothing more natural than in Arsen Dedić's hometown and in the theater where he was both the author and the performer and the audience, to start poetic and musical evenings called "Arsen's feral". The program is intended for an audience that loves poetry, chanson and refined music, and the performers are the ensemble of the Croatian National Theater in Šibenik and musicians from Šibenik.

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