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Andrej Grozdanov - Gospel on guitar

29. 04. 2023.
Župna crkva Sv. Križa, 19:30 h

Andrej Grozdanov was born in Rijeka, Republic of Croatia. In his early years, he showed an interest in music and the piano, which he studied privately for three years, only to "discover" the guitar as a teenager. He was enchanted by the sounds of the instrument, especially the electric guitar, which he soon began to play. At the age of 20, he auditioned at one of the biggest schools for contemporary music, "Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT), Musicians Institute (MI)", then located in London. Andrej graduated from that institute with a "Platinum diploma". His guitar mentor was the eccentric English guitar virtuoso Pete Langman, longtime columnist of Guitar Player magazine, while other teachers were: John Abercrombie, Frank Gambale, Michael Angelo, Hugh Burns (George Michael), then Pierre Bensusan and Eric Roche. In addition to guitarists, Andrej had the great honor of learning rhythm from Bernard Purdie and Thomas Lang, great world drummers. After returning to Croatia, Andrej enrolled in the study of Theology and Philosophy, and in 2003 he obtained the title of Dipl. Theol. et Phil.

As a guitarist of contemporary Christian music, he recorded over 300 songs that are on albums, both live performances and studio recordings, and with his international experience, he enabled the development of that genre in Croatia and thus left an inescapable mark as one of the true pioneers, according to many. Andrej often collaborated with Grammy winners of the CCM genre such as Hillsong, Matt Redman, Delirious?, Michael W. Smith, London Community Gospel Choir and many others, and on his last album he played with Phil Keaggy, Vlatko Stefanovski, Martin Mor and John Stowell, great guitarists of different styles and backgrounds. He is a three-time winner of the most prestigious Porin music award for the albums "Gospel on Guitar" and "Gitara i Glas" in the category Best album of popular spiritual music. He was nominated five times for the same award, four years in a row, which is a rare fact.

Andrej Grozdanov will hold a concert in the parish church of St. Cross in Vodice on Saturday, April 29, from 7:30 p.m. This concert is a unique opportunity to hear live one of the best guitarists of contemporary Christian music in Croatia.

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