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Hotel Olympia Sky

WINE VIP EVENT - The International Wine Conference is a professional educational gathering and event oriented towards caterers, hotels and tourism in general. The event is conceived as a professional conference for caterers, wine lovers and top-quality wine lovers. Attendees wil participate in educational lectures with the possibility of presenting services and products, as well as tasting of autochthonous products. The Wine VIP event consists primarily of professional lectures, as well as socializing of exhibitors while tasting their products. Top speakers will be sommeliers of Croatia and Austria - Filip Savić, Mario Meštrović, Emil Perdec and Karin Rupena Perdec, Jure Andrjašević and others, and a special guest is the Austrian Sommelier winner Suwi Zlatic. Four such conferences will be held in Croatia this year, and apart from Vodice, the event will be held in Opatija, Brtonigla and Split.

Event info and registration at


Easter in Vodice is special becauese of Žudiji (keepers of Christ's grave), men dressed in uniforms of Roman soldiers who show their role in the passion of Jesus Christ, during Holy Week.

Tourist Board Vodice has for years organized brakfast on Easter Monday. Breakfast serve women dressed in folk costumes of Vodice and lots of folk groups form surrounding areas and klapas perform, here you can taste homemade fritters.

Olympia Sky - Restoran Sky

The gourmet event "Shells & Oysters Gala' at the Sky restaurant will be held on March 17th and 18th. With the seafood specialties that will delight your senses, visually and tastefully, enjoy a glass of wine at promotional prices. The Sky Restaurant has created a rich gastronomic program, which includes top-quality delicacies including the famous Sladić winery, a cooking show with the preparation of a large paella a sushi presentation.
With the sound of Dalmatian music, treat yourself to a special gastro experience. To book your table, call +385 91 320 9026. Start of the program is at 7 pm, welcome!

Kulturni centar, 20:00 h
Hotel Olympia, 20:00 h

Traditional carnival dance is taking place on February 10th in hotel Olympia, starting at 20:00 h! All info and table bookings: Marija 095 521 5588 i Barbara 095 529 0549.

Kulturni centar Vodice, 20:00 h
Kulturni centar Vodice

Exhibition Archaeology of Adriatic Shipbuilding and Seafaring  presents the results of Greek shipwreck research at the island of Žirje, Liburnian and Roman ships from the Caska bay on the island of Pag, medieval vessels from Nin and modern merchant ships sunk in the islets of Gnalija near Pašman and Suđurađ bay Sipan.

The authors are Dr. Sc. Irena Radic Rossi, docent at the Department of Archeology at the University of Zadar and Dr. Giulia Boetto, senior researcher at the Center Camille Iullian Institute.

The exhibition will remain open by the end of this year and will be accompanied by lectures on archaeological finds in the Croatian undersea world.

Welcome 2018! Step into the New year with your loved ones in one of Vodice hotels:

HOTEL OLYMPIA - Gala dinner - Đani Stipaničev & band

HOTEL PUNTA - Gala dinner

KONOBA MAKINA - 30. & 31.12. Gala dinner with tamboura band

EXIT CLUB - Band Spectrum


Crkva sv. Križa

Choir Lira will have their traditional Christmas concert  with guests: choir sv. Juraj, klapa Šantarel Jelena Pletikosa, Borna Erceg.

Concert starts at 19:00 h on December 26th 

Kulturni centar Vodice

Traditional Christmas concert will take place in Cultural Center Vodice at 19.30.

Trg Kneza Branimira

CHRISTMAS FAIR  - daily entertainment program with different programs, workshops, competitons and local food. Concerts:

21.12. Spectrum

22.12. Psihomodo Pop

23.12. Feniks

Hotel Olympia, od 13:00 h

7th "Days of young oil in Dalmatia" is an event of international character and will be held  in Vodice, Hotel Olympia. The entire programme up to the gala dinner - exhibition, sale stands and lectures - are open for public.

Kulturni centar Vodice, 20:00 h

Open University of Vodice organizes a gala concert of the opera diva and theater actress Sandra Bagaric and the Orchestra of mandolin and guitarist, conducted by Mladen Landau. The repertoire contains popular sketches from renowned musicals and operas and famous Christmas songs. The entrance is free!

Kulturni centar Vodice, 20:00 h

The legendary offshore regatta takes yachtsmen along 110 miles enduring route Vodice - Jabuka - Vodice. The regatta is famous for the night start and mystical Jabuka, with characteristic strong wind and a long and exhausting race.


Organization: JK Tijat - Vodice

Kulturni centar, 20:00 h
Events Calendar 2018
01. Jan 2018. - 31. Mar 2018.
05. Jan 2018. - 11. Jan 2018.
Božićno-novogodišnji turnir " Vodice Cup 2018."
26. Jan 2018.
Theatre play "Sarmica"
10. Feb 2018.
01. Jan 2018. - 31. Mar 2018.
15. Mar 2018. - 18. Mar 2018.
Noćnjak 2018
17. Mar 2018. - 18. Mar 2018.
29. Mar 2018. - 02. Apr 2018.
31. Mar 2018.
Spring Bike Ride
29. Mar 2018. - 02. Apr 2018.
02. Apr 2018.
Easter Breakfast
04. Apr 2018.
28. Apr 2018. - 29. Apr 2018.
MTB Weekend
01. May 2018.
02. May 2018. - 03. May 2018.
Memorial football cup Marinko Kardum
03. May 2018.
Dan Grada Vodica
05. May 2018.
34th Northern and Central Dalmatian Brass Orchestras Gala
05. May 2018.
Children's Trail Race
25. May 2018. - 27. May 2018.
58. Festival hrvatskih kazališnih amatera
25. May 2018.
Active Croatia
08. Jun 2018. - 09. Jun 2018.
16. Jun 2018. - 08. Sep 2018.
Đardin je IN
16. Jun 2018.
Fishermen Evening
23. Jun 2018.
Ljetne Bakanalije
02. Jul 2018. - 08. Jul 2018.
Vodice Street Festival
04. Jul 2018.
Klapa Wednesday
09. Jul 2018.
Orchestra Squares
10. Jul 2018.
Fishermen Evening
11. Jul 2018.
Klapa Wednesday
18. Jul 2018.
Klapa Wednesday
20. Jul 2018. - 22. Jul 2018.
16. Vodice Jazz & Blues Festival
23. Jul 2018.
Orchestra Squares
25. Jul 2018.
Klapa Wednesday
01. Aug 2018.
Klapa Wednesday
02. Aug 2018.
Fešta u Prvić Luci
03. Aug 2018.
Feast in Srima
04. Aug 2018.
Vodice Feast
06. Aug 2018.
Orchestra Squares
08. Aug 2018.
Klapa Wednesday
12. Aug 2018.
18th Evening of Dalmatian Klapa
15. Aug 2018.
Klapa Wednesday
16. Aug 2018.
Fešta u Šepurini - Sv. Roko
20. Aug 2018.
Orchestra Squares
20. Aug 2018.
Olive Oil Evening
22. Aug 2018.
Klapa Wednesday
29. Aug 2018.
Klapa Wednesday
16. Jun 2018. - 08. Sep 2018.
Đardin je IN
02. Sep 2018.
Fishermen Evening
03. Sep 2018.
Orchestra Squares
08. Sep 2018.
Hunters' Evening 2018
09. Sep 2018.
2nd Dance Evening - Vodice 2018
16. Sep 2018.
Bike Ride "Heart Against Steel"
22. Sep 2018.
Autumn Bacchanals
07. Oct 2018.
11th MTB Gabre's maraton
09. Nov 2018. - 11. Nov 2018.
16th Regatta Jabuka
22. Dec 2018.
Night Trail Race - Vodice 2018